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Before we guide you regards a good interview, let us discuss what the interviewer wants to ideally see in front of him. What are the qualities that his ideal candidate would possess?


What is that which differentiates a successful Executive from a not so successful one.

** Maintains a Diary & always plans his day far in advance
* Has drawn out a Career Plan for his Lifetime which includes where he would be, at
what age, at what salary and what would be his life style
* Such a style earns him the desired results in terms of set targets within the time frame that he has set for himself.
* He is assertive and is an excellent negotiater. He thus pushes his way up the ladder very fast.
* He is always eager to learn both in theoritical and practical terms
* He is normally very particular about encouraging his team to do as above.
* He is never afraid of being superseded by his juniors simply because he is confident about his quality and capability
* He would be able to train his juniors amply to allow for delegation
* He would want to build up his juniors to be capable of replacing him while he moves upwards
* He is humane and understanding, firm with following a disciplined style of functioning that allows for control over expected performance.
* He berades in private but praises in public
** He has the courage to call a spade a spade and conveys the same packaged in a lot of humour & pleasant diplomacy.
* He has the courage to own up regards mistakes made, ensures same is not repeated and designs damage control systems for such eventualities.
* He would appreciate that his juniors are bound to make mistakes while they function and would teach them to design damage control systems for themselves.
* He has the courage to protect his juniors from the wrath of his over enthusiastic seniors as well as that of the outside world
* He should be able to display leadership qualities through his actions & examples and thus earn the trust and respect of his team
* He would be privy to extremely personal hopes, aspirations, problems etc of each and every team member and help solve any personal problem within his limit.
* He would be a natural motivator and his team would want to be lead by him.

Does it make any difference ?

The individual's mind and body normally adjusts itself as per the desired speed of executing the scheduled tasks. This is true for the day and subsequently for ones whole life. For example, as you now know what the ideal candidate would be, you may want to imbibe a few of the above points to improve upon who you are today before a scheduled interview. You would be less nervous now than what you would be if you had not been prepared.

The interviewer expects you to be a professional and thus know the definition of his ideal candidae. His questions are centered as much around the knowedge relating to company in question and the service or product being offered by the same, as it is on the points enumerated above.